Dermatology Training Opportunities

The Department of Dermatology provides opportunities for training in Clinical DermatologyDermatologic Surgery and Dermatology Research. The Division offers an ACGME accredited residency in Dermatology. This is a 3-year residency program in general clinical dermatology. Five positions are offered each year through the NRMP. Specialized training in Dermatologic Surgery is available through the Mohs Surgery Fellowship.

For M.D.'s, M.D.-Ph.D.'s or Ph.D.'s seeking a career in academic dermatology, the Department offers support through the Postgraduate Research Training Grant in Dermatology. For those holding the M.D. degree, this program may be integrated with a clinical residency. Alternatively, candidates may apply for support following their clinical training. From the time to time, individual faculty members have postdoctoral positions available funded through individual grants and the Department encourages and supports individual training grant applications.