Join Our Team

We are looking for talented young scientists to join our research team. Hind lab works on the molecular basis of heart failure and underlying molecular mechanisms. We apply variety of techniques including noninvasive echocardiographic assessment of cardiac function, genetically modified transgenic and knockout mouse models, surgical models of heart failure, cardiac cell isolation and various other molecular techniques. The vibrant basic and translational research program in the Cardiovascular Medicine Division at VUMC provides excellent opportunities for career development in cardiac research.

We are seeking the following individuals:

  • Undergraduate students interested in pursuing biomedical research.
  • Graduate students looking for postdoctoral research experience in the area of myocardial biology.
  • Post-doctoral students with prior experience in relevant research area and looking for additional experience in myocardial biology research.

If you are a PI and interested in our mouse models of cardiac dysfunction and heart failure (genetic and surgical), we would be happy to discuss collaborative projects with you.